Here we are transforming and elevating the lives of people through the relationships that are developed with these powerful and beautiful horses. People from all walks of life and all over the world come to Zenerjen to experience something that is truly unique in the world of self development, discovery and empowerment.

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events at Zenerjen

For a limited time, take $500 off your registration for any of the below events. Use promo code TRUTH500 when you check out!
Journey to Truth Featuring S Factor

The Journey To Truth Retreat To Bring Vitality Back To Your Relationships, Special Movement Edition featuring Michelle O’Neill. December 13th – 16th.
Freedom in Relationships

Women Only Retreat Will Help You Get Back Your Feminine RADIANCE, GLOW and POWER. January 17th – 20th.
Journey to Truth Retreat – Leadership through Horsepower

The theme of this Journey is Leadership. Discover your inner leader through Horsepower! February 1st – 4th.
Journey to Truth Retreat – Learn the Secret Language of Horses

The theme of this Journey is Horsemanship. Discover communication with these majestic animals! March 21st – 24th.
Journey to Truth Retreat – Relationship through the Spirit of the Horse

The theme of this Journey is Relationships. Discover your ability to culitvate positive power in relationships! March 28th -31st.
Zenerjen Horse Santuary and Retreat Center
418 Spring Knoll Lane, Altamonte Springs, Florida 32714
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Ready for your breakthrough?

What do you think of when you think of horses?  What are the words that come to your mind?

When some think of the horse, they have descriptors and ideas , each unique to that individual’s perception and experience in life.  Most think of their power, strength, beauty, grace, and speed.  What do you think of?

Zenerjen’s mission is to provide a sanctuary for horses and humans that allows for interaction, introspection, growth, and empowerment, for and between humans and these amazing creatures.

We bring in rescued horses and through natural horse development, take them to a place where they are more confident, calm, engaged and connected with their surroundings and people.  And that’s just the horses…

The people are where we see some real magic happen.  People from all walks of life and all over the world come to The Zenerjen Foundation Center to experience something that is truly unique in the world of self development, discovery and empowerment.

At Zenerjen, your breakthrough awaits…

Jen Zoë, Founder

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Tres is a calm and an old soul. Thoughtful and kind, he has a playful spark to him if you have the chance to connect with him. The only horse at Zenerjen that is not a rescue, he provides stability and peace in the way he communicates. He accepts everyone, but doesn’t connect with ‘just’ anyone. He’s introspective and has a depth of patience and compassion that is rare and special. He is a cremello American Quarter Horse and is 13 years old (EXACTLY a year behind Dante). He came along second to Jen and has grown with her throughout their horsemanship journey. He’s a clown some days and a peace master others. He brings the grounded nature of his spirit to Zenerjen.

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Dante is a complex spirit. Bold and extroverted, he has a soft side most don’t see at first glance. He was trained at a young age with very harsh methods and with harsh equipment including copper wiring around his nose, forks taped to the ends of sticks, and other archaic tools and processes. He is a chestnut American Quarter Horse and is 14 years old now. He was the first addition to the Zenerjen Cruë and Jen’s first horse as an adult. Throughout his life, his fire and his spirit has never faded and most would agree he is aptly named. With the life lessons he has taught not only Jen, but to each person that crosses his path, he brings much to the Zenerjen herd.

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Maverick is a little bit of an unknown at the moment. We DO know a bit about his history and he has recently arrived at Zenerjen having raced till he was 10 years old overseas. As he has settled in, we are beginning to have a better understanding of who he is. Jen Zoë has played with him for the last few months and feels that he tends to be misunderstood by many. Having won over a HALF MILLION dollars at the race track, he was given up by his owners to a rescue in South Florida and found his way to Zenerjen in April of 2017. With his background, it is easy to see what kind of distrust he might have. He will be an interesting addition to the Zenerjen Crüe and his story will most certainly be a good one to tell. The people he will help through his development with Jen Zoë is going to help shape and change lives.