Maverick is a little bit of an unknown at the moment. We DO know a bit about his history and he has recently arrived at Zenerjen having raced till he was 10 years old overseas. As he has settled in, we are beginning to have a better understanding of who he is. Jen Zoë has played with him for the last few months and feels that he tends to be misunderstood by many. Having won over a HALF MILLION dollars at the race track, he was given up by his owners to a rescue in South Florida and found his way to Zenerjen in April of 2017. With his background, it is easy to see what kind of distrust he might have. He will be an interesting addition to the Zenerjen Crüe and his story will most certainly be a good one to tell. The people he will help through his development with Jen Zoë is going to help shape and change lives.